Decoration Methods

Decoration Methods:

Not all designs are created equal, just like everything else! You might notice upon opening your package that you have different feels to your designs, that is because we use different decoration methods based on the detail of the design and a number of other factors. The simpler designs will be your softest feeling designs as they will be screen printed or a screen printed transfer. The designs with a lot of detail will be digitally printed. Digitally printing allows us to offer designs that have amazing detail and clarity.

Screen Printing allows the transfer to melt into the fabric which is what gives you the softest feel and more stretch to your design. This method is preferred and used whenever we can use it.

Digitally Printed Transfers have a variety of transfer papers available, you might have one shirt that has a softer, opaque look and feel to the design while the other has a bit more sheen. That is the difference in transfer papers used.  A digital printed transfer does not fully melt/bleed into the fabric like a screen printed transfer, the best way to describe it is that the transfer adheres to the fabric. These types of transfers offer some stretch but we ask you don’t sit there stretching the design to see how it does, it will break down the transfer quicker and your favorite shirt won’t last like we intend.

Due to the wide variety of transfer papers available and what they are intended for you may notice that out of the 3 shirts you ordered all 3 have a different feel to the transfer, don’t fret that's normal!

No decoration method is perfect nor is it unflawed in some way, that's the beauty of art! We do ask that you email if you have any problems with your apparel and decoration so we can immediately take care of any issue! You are our priority!