Garment Care, Sizing and the Dreaded S Word...


Yup I said it, shrinking! You know when you dry your favorite shirt on high and it comes out fitting your 5 year old? Heres some tips on how to avoid it!

Here is what we ask from you! Check the size guide before ordering, we will note if sizes run accurate, small or large and are pre-shrunk! Knowing what the fabric is made of will also help you decide size. For instance if you are ordering a flowy tank they are made a bit oversized, its not a shirt you would generally size up on. We spend countless hours choosing apparel, not only others experiences but our own, we purchase samples, print and put them through the ringer! All to make sure that we are only selling the best! 

Keep in mind, shrinkage always occurs, no matter what anyone says, you will encounter some shrinkage. The best way to keep this minimal is follow our garment care instructions! Heat is the number 1 cause of shrinkage. Keep your clothes away from high heat!


We want to help make sure that you’re still wearing your garment for years to come.

Your garment was made with lots of Montanably love. The apparel we purchase is soft and cozy, it's like that old shirt that you have owned for years and can’t let go, except its new!

In order to maintain your screen print or heat transfer we have some laundering tips just for you!


The safest way to wash all of our garments is with cold water and a mild detergent. If you’re the type who doesn’t sort your laundry (don’t worry, we won’t tell), this is definitely the way to go. Always turn your shirt inside out before washing. This helps preserve the print and protect the fabric from pilling which will extend the life of your apparel.

Just remember, the warmer the water, the more likely you are to experience bleeding, fading, and shrinking.

We recommend drying your clothes just like the old days -- on a clothesline!  If you can’t wait to throw on that shirt or hoodie, please just make sure the dryer is set on low, and don’t forget to turn things inside-out.

Ceramics and Engraved Items:

These often come in a variety of ways that they were made but at the end of the day any of them will last longer being hand washed and dried. As we have families ourselves we know that the dishwasher is often times our best friend, but just like other mugs it takes its toll on them, and may reduce the life of your sublimated, engraved or printed mug.